Action1 service now free for up to 10 endpoints

Action1 announced that Action1 service is now free, without any functionality limitations, for up to 10 endpoints. The cloud service allows to implement remote support of at-home employees and enforce the same IT security standards as in office-based environments.

Supporting the work-from-home model is one the biggest IT challenges amid COVID-19. According to CIO Magazine from IDG, it is key to have standard technology setup at home, however home office setups may have poor connectivity, unapproved software and lack proper security patches.

Organizations using Action1 can enforce the same IT procedures and implement timelines of security patching for remote employees working from home – equally well as for their office-based employees.

The Action1 free cloud offering includes:

  • Security patch management to manage OS and 3rd party app updates.
  • Remote desktop for remote assistance and unattended remote access.
  • Software deployment and distribution from the cloud.
  • Remote endpoint management, real-time reporting and more.
  • Entirely free for up to 10 endpoints. All features, no ads.

“Action1 is a great remote management tool,” said Marc Rodriguez, Systems Consultant with ABQ Salons. “All-in-one system for patching, software installs, remote desktop, and it works great to support users working from home, who don’t connect to the main office VPN.”

“The new normal of remote work requires new approaches to IT security,” said Mike Walters, President of Action1 Corporation.

“The existing on-premise technologies were not designed for now-typical IT environments consisting of loosely connected home offices. But even the smallest organizations using Action1’s free cloud platform can now implement the same level of security and control for their diverse remote workforces, ensuring adequate protection from cyberattacks.”

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