Moogsoft Observability Cloud: Empowering SREs to perform advanced event management in minutes

Moogsoft announced it has advanced observability in the cloud to meet the demands of a software-defined world.

The Moogsoft Observability Cloud delivers DevOps practitioners and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) self-service intelligent observability capabilities to begin surfacing actionable insights and performing advanced event management across their digital infrastructure in the time it takes to make a cappuccino.

Companies of all sizes must become agile enough to easily grow and evolve their business at the pace of customer demand, and to constantly deliver customers competitive value. However, teams suffer from unmanageable toolsets laid out in an attempt to understand what’s happening and why, with no real intelligence.

The Moogsoft Observability Cloud empowers DevOps practitioners and SRE teams to continue innovating by providing deeper insight and automation across the process of monitoring and event management.

The Moogsoft Observability Cloud extends AI-based intelligence to raw observability data. It turns metric and event data into actionable insights by automating anomaly detection, surfacing important alerts and correlating everything together.

This provides teams better visibility about their services, advanced warning of potential outages, and context about the incidents which cause them. With this information, teams can more efficiently collaborate, learn, improve, and innovate their services.

“In today’s market, numerous monitoring tools exist in every category, but with no one software provider able to deliver true monitoring coverage for every application and infrastructure component,” said Osama Awwad, chief technology officer at Optimiz.

“Our use of the Moogsoft Observability Cloud at Optimiz supports a key use case in our intelligent monitoring solution to correlate events and metrics from multiple monitoring tools, which helps our clients understand business impact, reach root cause faster, and reduce their number of tickets. Moogsoft was so easy to deploy and integrate, we got it up and running in no time.”

“Old-fashioned monitoring solutions, including many that claim to be new, lead to expensive investments that take months to deliver any results,” said Moogsoft Founder and CEO Phil Tee.

“Meanwhile, businesses continue to rely on SREs for manual event management, and on their customers to alert them of an outage. The Moogsoft Observability Cloud empowers DevOps and SRE teams with a platform that deploys in the time it takes to wait for their cappuccino, but leverages the most advanced AI to redefine observability.”

Available as a free trial, the Moogsoft Observability Cloud includes:

  • A simple onboarding process with guided tours that provide valuable results in minutes, not days or weeks.
  • A native collector that ingests time-series metric data directly from sources such as Amazon EC2, Docker, MongoDB, Redis and more. Other metrics can also be ingested via a user-definable metrics API.
  • The ability for users to build their own integrations in order to ingest even their trickiest event and metric payloads.
  • Correlation across all metric and event sources.
  • Workflows that help teams easily reduce the noise generated by existing monitoring tools, allowing users to get to the root of an issue faster.
  • Integrations with collaboration tools such as PagerDuty, and the ability to send data to an endpoint of the user’s choosing with an open webhook API.

Ensuring continuous availability in just a few clicks

The Moogsoft Observability Cloud delivers noise reduction, correlation, anomaly detection and more in just a few quick steps. Users simply ingest their observability and monitoring data and start optimizing their digital experience based on the insights surfaced.

Organizations can leverage the Moogsoft Observability Cloud for IT Ops, DevOps, site reliability engineering as well as specialized uses such as hybrid cloud monitoring.

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