PKWARE acquires Dataguise to expand global footprint

PKWARE has acquired Dataguise, a company with innovative technology for businesses to discover and protect personal data stored across diverse IT systems and environments.

Combining Dataguise’s best-in-class ability to discover and protect data with PKWARE’s automated remediation capabilities provides enterprises with an unmatched, comprehensive solution to data security and privacy management.

Dataguise helps leading brands in industries such as financial services, healthcare, retail and government, seamlessly discover sensitive information across endpoints, servers, SaaS solutions and public, private or hybrid cloud environments. This is critical, as enterprise users, systems and data are increasingly distributed, creating an expanded attack surface for breaches and more opportunity for human error to expose sensitive data. Combined, the companies protect sensitive data for more than 1,000 customers around the world.

“Driven by increasing privacy regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, PCI and HIPAA, and the need to prevent data breaches, the demand for data discovery solutions is rapidly increasing,” said Brandon Muirhead, Director, Thompson Street Capital Partners and PKWARE investor. “This provides an accelerated growth path for PKWARE as we help customers find their sensitive information and provide a real-time solution to protect it.”

“The foundation of our increasingly digital life is centered on our personal data —knowing where it is stored and how it is protected is a business imperative for enterprises,” said Spencer Kupferman, CEO of PKWARE. “Dataguise is a leader in privacy management; adding its technology creates a best-in-class data security company that helps customers find, classify and protect sensitive data, wherever it is.”

The acquisition will expand PKWARE’s global footprint as it continues the operations of Dataguise’s existing offices in the United States, India, Europe, and Canada.

“We’re proud of the team, solutions and customer base Dataguise built over the past 13 years as we delivered on our vision to help enterprises efficiently discover and defend sensitive data,” said Manmeet Singh, co-founder and CEO of Dataguise. “Combining with PKWARE accelerates and expands those advantages, because our customers now have access to a full portfolio of data security and remediation solutions from a single vendor.”

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