Avanan announces availability of its security application for Microsoft Teams

Avanan announced that their protection for Microsoft Teams is now available in full prevent mode. Following Microsoft’s announcement of the Teams API, Avanan is announcing general availability of its security application for Teams, enabling Avanan customers to apply additional remediation actions on malicious content and data leakage in the Teams environment.

As business communication continues to expand from email to additional platforms, Avanan extends the security layers of anti-phishing, malware and DLP protection to Teams. In addition to the capabilities natively included in Teams, Avanan provides customers the choice to enhance Teams security with the following security layers:

  • Data leak prevention (DLP): protecting text messages and files including images (OCR)
  • Malware sandboxing: scanning of files for malicious content
  • URL scanning: blocking malicious links within files and messages
  • User behavior anomaly: Identifying suspicious logins and compromised accounts
  • Remediation: Tombstoning sensitive data and quarantining malicious files and messages
  • End-user education workflow: notifying users on policy violations, quarantine requests and more

Avanan will automatically quarantine malicious content and tombstone sensitive data, notifying both the system administrator and content owners who can request to release the content. All events are recorded for forensic and auditing.

Avanan dashboards and reporting provide detailed statistics on Teams usage and security violations.

“Our research has shown that when a Microsoft 365 account is compromised, hackers attempt to spread the attack internally not just by email, but through other services such as Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint,” said Avanan CEO and co-founder Gil Friedrich.

“This is why it is so important to secure every line of communication. We’re very proud to bring our top-rated security solution to the Teams platform and are very grateful to Microsoft for their support with this integration.”

“In today’s challenging environment, effective and safe collaboration is critical for every customer,” said Yaron Hezroni, Principal Program Manager for Teams Ecosystem group, at Microsoft. “We are pleased to see Avanan extend their capabilities for Microsoft 365 to help our mutual customers protect their files and data in Teams.”

The COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to a work-from-home era has accelerated the adoption of new methods of communication like OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.

Avanan continues to execute on its commitment to secure email and collaboration, and further expand its support for the protection of cloud-based platforms.

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