RepRisk and Apex partner to provide ESG risk data to private markets

RepRisk and Apex have entered into a strategic partnership to expand access to material ESG risk data for private markets participants.

Apex manages the independent collection of data for investors from their underlying portfolio investments to deliver real time ESG analysis via a secure, intuitive, and flexible online platform.

Apex’s unique ESG Rating and Advisory Portal now includes RepRisk Analytics Reports and Cases Data on private companies, allowing unrivalled ESG insights to private companies and their investors.

Apex, in partnership with RepRisk, seeks to close the gap for a previously underserved market of private companies by delivering a high quality, global, independent ESG tool based on data insights. Apex’s ESG offering forms part of its single-source solution model delivering services across the full value chain for its clients.

“Apex is a very exciting partnership for RepRisk, and one we are especially well-suited for,” said Alexandra Mihailescu Cichon, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing at RepRisk.

“RepRisk is the only ESG provider to systematically cover private companies. While our dataset grows every day, it currently includes more than 120,000 private companies worldwide, in every sector and market.

“RepRisk looks at what the world says about a company, not what a company says about itself – and in combination with Apex’s analysis on company disclosures and reporting, we’re able to provide a uniquely holistic picture of a company’s ESG profile.”

Andy Pitts-Tucker, Managing Director, Apex ESG Ratings and Advisory adds: “Apex ESG’s new platform was established to satisfy the demand from private markets for greater transparency through a high quality, global, independent, single-source ESG solution.

“We help investors to collect, verify and evaluate data on their portfolio companies and benchmark the quality and performance of that data to produce quantitative and comparable analysis.

“With access to RepRisk’s independent ESG data and insights, we are excited to provide a holistic perspective on each company. Ultimately, this partnership can play a role in influencing significant behavioral change, drive capital flows, and support our clients as they look to improve their ESG performance.”

RepRisk offers qualitative research, quantitative risk analytics, and proprietary metrics for more than 150,000 public and private companies, from every sector and market across the globe, serving leading financial institutions and corporates in their ESG integration and risk management processes across their operations, business relationships, and investments.

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