CynergisTek API Sentry: Helping healthcare organizations manage API-related risks

CynergisTek announced the launch of their API Sentry service, developed specifically for healthcare organizations to manage the risks associated with the use of APIs within their environment.

CynergisTek’s API Sentry service is powered by, which leverages unique technology to facilitate ongoing testing and identifies security vulnerabilities, business logic flaws, and access control issues that can lead to a loss of sensitive data.

Organizations have rapidly adopted APIs to accelerate the secure exchange of electronic health records, and market research has linked the uptick of API use in healthcare to growing use of apps and wearables prescribed by medical providers and remote patient monitoring.

However, using these technical building blocks doesn’t come without risk: APIs now account for 40 percent of the overall attack-area for web-enabled apps.

“Streamlining the use of APIs has never been more important as it lays the foundation for better interoperability between applications, but also increases the attack surface for hackers,” said Ben Denkers, senior vice president of security and privacy services at CynergisTek.

“Hospitals are becoming more forward-thinking when it comes to data sharing and ushering in technological innovation, but they also need to be smart about preventing breaches. Our API Sentry service helps healthcare organizations detect and remediate vulnerabilities created by the increased use of APIs to accelerate enhanced interoperability of records and data.”

Interoperability is not an option, new regulations from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services set requirements for data sharing, ensuring that patients’ data is accessible through third-party applications.

CynergisTek’s API Sentry service helps ensure sensitive patient data accessed via APIs is safe and secure – providing readable data and actionable results by adding an intelligence layer and perspective on what a healthcare organization needs to identify risk and to rectify or accept it.

With API Sentry service, healthcare organizations will have access to the CynergisTek Reporting Dashboard to track and manage both identified vulnerabilities and associated remediation efforts.

Organizations will also receive an API Sentry Report, which will offer key insights on vulnerabilities, identify risk, provide remediation guidance, and strategic, tactical actions for stakeholders to drive policy and for IT staff, network administration and developers to drive technical remediation efforts.

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