ScaleMP improves infrastructure efficiency and reduces TCO for Cloud and Data Center customers

ScaleMP announced the general availability of its patented vSMP Foundation Version 10.0 line of products, after months of technology preview use at select customers and partners.

vSMP Foundation 10.0 introduces support for virtual environments, allowing VM users to benefit from larger memory than provided by the host. This new capability is available for VMware ESXi, Linux KVM and AWS Cloud virtual-instance users. Support for Azure Cloud and Oracle Cloud is expected by year end.

vSMP Foundation 10.0 expands customer choice of NVMe SSDs for transparent memory expansion enabled by vSMP MemoryONE. Supported models include SSDs from Intel, WDC, Samsung, Micron, and others. Licenses for vSMP MemoryONE 10.0 are now available online at

vSMP Foundation 10.0 provides all-around performance enhancements for customers scaling up compute, memory and IO. A long list of HPC applications and popular cloud and enterprise IT workloads are proven to gain performance with vSMP Foundation 10.0, including SAP HANA, Redis, Apache/Spark, MongoDB, MySQL and Lotus (Filecoin).

“Our software-defined server technology is proven to enable key requirements for current and future cloud and HPC data-centers. With it, customers can compose scale-up systems on demand from commodity hardware, increase system memory economically using non-volatile memory, and increase infrastructure efficiency while reducing TCO,” said Shai Fultheim, CEO and founder of ScaleMP.

“The same technology now runs on your main cloud, private cloud, edge, and even the desktop. And with a rich partner ecosystem, we’re everywhere.”

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