DigiCert and Atea deliver a fully managed service for multiple types of digital certificate-based use cases

DigiCert and Atea jointly announced a partnership to launch the new Atea Managed Certificate Service offering insight into certificate health, usage and endpoint vulnerabilities to ensure the best possible customer experience for secure communication.

Delivered by Atea Managed Services and powered by core DigiCert CertCentral technology the new service includes the ability to automatically locate, identify, and track all certificates in use with 24/7 monitoring, management and renewals throughout any network and connected device environment.

“In our view, DigiCert is the leader in this space offering a technically advanced solution with root certificates built into everything from operating systems, browsers to applications along with a good reputation and proven longevity within the market,” said Patrick Kvaksrud, Service Owner for Atea.

“At an integration level, the well documented API’s and support for Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol has made it easy for us to integrate our operational systems alongside CertCentral to create a unified managed service that is simple to use with flexible yet comprehensive reporting,” Kvaksrud added.

The new Managed Certificate service is available via Basic and Plus tiers with a range of management, discovery and reporting features that span TLS/SSL and other digital certificates, PKI, lifecycle management and TCP endpoint reporting.

DigiCert is the world’s leading Certificate Authority and one of the original CAs to provide industry requirements and related solutions that assert the value of validated identity, whether that’s organisations, individuals or things.

The company has committed to numerous cutting-edge R&D projects around organisation identity, quantum computing and IoT device identity and customers rely on DigiCert to solve complex identity, authentication and encryption challenges.

“Atea have the trust and expertise to deliver critical managed services, and we are proud to offer our technology to enable their end customers to benefit from simpler and more flexible certificate management processes,” said Viktor Kedvall Prag, Regional Manager, DigiCert, Nordics.

“Atea have developed well-defined procedures and methods of handling daily maintenance, using best practice to plan and implement changes, thus ensuring that certificate management is a fundamental process that enables secure connectivity and enhance business continuity.”

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