Aerospike provides its Cloud Managed Service to Experian’s digital identity and fraud risk platform

Aerospike announced that it provides its Cloud Managed Service to Experian CrossCore integrated digital identity and fraud risk platform.

Experian’s CrossCore is an identity and fraud risk platform that consolidates and orchestrates numerous fraud risk signals into a single, holistic assessment to improve operational processes, stay ahead of fraudsters, and protect customers.

During the past year, Experian helped clients screen more than 15 billion fraud events—more than 3,300 per second. Experian uses the Aerospike Cloud Managed Service to support low-latency, high-throughput cloud data storage for device intelligence and fraud management.

“Identity and fraud risk management requires real-time assessment and decisioning on large volumes of continuously changing datasets,” said Guillaume Colombier, Senior Director of Engineering, Global Identity & Fraud, Device Intelligence and Fraud Detection Solutions at Experian.

“Aerospike Cloud Managed Service fits Experian’s cloud-first approach and enables us to help businesses improve response times and deliver a safe, convenient and frictionless customer experience.”

All of Experian’s fraud and identity services are available through the integrated CrossCore platform. Experian clients worldwide use CrossCore to protect their customers by better identifying fraudsters and stopping fraud attacks before they happen.

CrossCore combines advanced analytics with Experian’s rich data assets, identity insights and capabilities from its curated partner ecosystem.

Aerospike Cloud Managed Service enables enterprises to focus on delivering new digital value to customers rather than managing databases and infrastructure. Aerospike takes responsibility for delivering and maintaining an optimized deployment of the industry’s most resilient, low-latency, high-scale NoSQL data platform.

“Experian CrossCore is a prime example of the data-intensive digital transformation underway today. High-scale and accurate real-time decisioning is imperative to delivering instant, seamless and secure customer experiences,” said John Dillon, CEO of Aerospike.

“Aerospike’s Cloud Managed Service makes it easy for organizations to capitalize on data in the cloud and deploy the next generation of instant, data-intensive decisioning applications without technical distractions from their core business.”

Aerospike recently announced expansions to the Aerospike Connect product line, making Aerospike Database 5 even more plug-compatible with the enterprise data fabric that powers modern real-time data-driven applications.

With Aerospike Connect, developers, data scientists and engineers can architect and develop new generations of data-intensive applications without writing custom code or disrupting deep-rooted business processes.

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