CloudBees releases first two modules of its Software Delivery Management solution

CloudBees formally releases the first two modules of its Software Delivery Management solution: CloudBees Engineering Efficiency and CloudBees Feature Management.

Software Delivery Management enables organizations to deliver higher quality software and better measure business outcomes from software development investments. It achieves this by providing stakeholders with more visibility across the software development life cycle, improving processes and encouraging more seamless collaboration.

Since the announcement of CloudBees Software Delivery Management last year, CloudBees has been developing the foundational and backbone technologies for it.

Together, with strategic partners Wipro and Google Cloud, CloudBees is holding a launch event around the first two CloudBees Software Delivery Management modules that take full advantage of the foundational technology. These modules deliver the industry’s first persona-based functionality for managing end-to-end software delivery.

These two modules give more visibility and control to engineering and product management groups, enable a more efficient modern engineering team and provide greater insights to stakeholders:

  • CloudBees Engineering Efficiency helps engineering managers and leaders deal with the ongoing challenge of gaining the visibility needed to ensure engineering teams are performing efficiently. This module connects and imports data from widely-used tools – such as Jenkins, Jira and GitHub – into the system of record, where it is then normalized to surface metrics, analytics and actionable insights. CloudBees Engineering Efficiency provides the insights needed to ensure resources are being properly allocated to planned initiatives based on business priority and customer value.
  • CloudBees Feature Management grants product development teams control over individual features to be released. Product teams can manage features holistically by grouping and controlling sets of feature flags for coordinated progressive delivery and decoupling feature releases from deployment schedules. CloudBees Feature Management builds on top of the strong foundation, widespread risk reduction and developer productivity benefits enabled by enterprise feature flag management.

“The two biggest challenges of modern software delivery and for achieving high performance software engineering are the need for end-to-end visibility and predictability of release. Empowering engineering teams with actionable intelligence improves their productivity, leading to enhanced time to market, quality and stability of applications,” said Madhu Madhanan, global head – DevSecOps transformation, Wipro Digital. “We are excited to see CloudBees Software Delivery Management address these key challenges in a scalable way.”

“This is an exciting day for CloudBees,” said Susan Lally, senior vice president of product development, CloudBees. “It isn’t just about acceleration of software delivery anymore, it’s about the business value derived from the software delivery process and the measurement of that value. We have been using these modules internally and are deriving insights and metrics against which to evaluate business value, decisions and progress for our own software delivery processes.”

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