DFLabs IncMan SOAR to be available both on-premise and as a cloud package

DFLabs announces that starting from Q1/2021, its IncMan SOAR solution will be available both on-premise and as a cloud package.

Both solutions offer access to the same IncMan SOAR capabilities, with DFLabs’ novel IncMan SOAR SaaS Cloud solution providing extra scalability to customers and access to automation and orchestration for small and medium enterprises, as well as MSSPs.

This new release of IncMan SOAR will provide partners and clients with an optimized solution, leveraging unprecedented speed and flexibility. “We are extremely pleased to offer our novel IncMan SOAR version, now available in SaaS,” stated Dario Forte, Founder and CEO of DFLabs.

“This SaaS model provides the kind of scalability and enterprise-grade capabilities which are now practically mandatory for the next-gen SOAR, and beneficial not only for large enterprises, but for small and medium teams and MSSPs as well.”

Recognized as a leading SOAR vendor for large enterprises and MSSPs, DFLabs has created this new model of IncMan SOAR with a broader client range in mind. The “pay-as-you-grow” method is extremely scalable and particularly beneficial for SMEs and MSSPs.

And given that cloud technology is rapidly gaining momentum and transforming the IT industry, the low cost of entry is enticing, not only for large enterprises but also for medium-sized businesses.

DFLabs IncMan SOAR Cloud/SaaS solution will be available starting from Q1/2021, with dedicated pricing for large, small, and medium enterprises, as well as MSSPs. With this move, once again, DFLabs proves that it prioritizes the needs of its customers and uses them as fuel for the continuous innovation of the next-gen IncMan SOAR.

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