Gain visibility into public-facing cloud assets with Expanse for AWS

Expanse has officially made its Expander solution available in the AWS Marketplace, allowing customers to manage their attack surface with full visibility into cloud facing assets. AWS support and AWS Marketplace presence are immediately available.

Enterprises are moving to the cloud fast, often unplanned and with little visibility. Expanse research finds that, on average, companies add 3.5 new publicly accessible cloud services per day – more than 20 per week or 1,300 per year. The same research observed one organization added 693 new publicly accessible cloud services in a single day.

These figures include only externally accessible net-new business services of organizations available in public cloud providers, not updates or redeploys of their existing cloud-based business services. Tracking an organization’s entire cloud footprint has become increasingly challenging as employees can easily create a rogue cloud instance with a personal credit card and email address.

“Expanse’s cumulative customer base represents more than 10% of the total Internet, giving unparalleled visibility into how cloud instances in the enterprise change in real-time,” said Tom Barsi, VP of Business Development at Expanse. “Today, the average enterprise uses more than five different cloud providers — many unsanctioned. With our rogue cloud discovery and attribution capabilities, security and IT teams have a proven way to identify shadow cloud instances and streamline cloud deployment.”

With Expanse, security and IT teams get a complete and accurate list of an organization’s global internet-facing assets, enabling organizations to continuously discover, evaluate, and mitigate their external attack surface. Expanse deploys automatically with no agents or installation required to continuously identify new cloud instances on a daily basis. Within moments of deployment, enterprises will see a full manifest of all sanctioned and non-sanctioned publicly facing cloud assets.

AWS customers using Expanse benefit from:

  • Full visibility into all public-facing cloud assets: Expanse establishes a centralized, continuously updating inventory of an organization’s entire cloud footprint regardless of provider.
  • Discovery of all rogue AWS assets: Daily alerting of any rogue development hosting company assets outside of sanctioned AWS accounts.
  • Consolidation of full cloud footprint: Migrate assets that are in random cloud providers to those sanctioned by corporate cloud governance policies.
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