NETSCOUT extends its Smart Perimeter Protection to AWS

NETSCOUT announced the extension of its Smart Perimeter Protection to AWS. The combination of NETSCOUT’s Cyber Investigator (NCI) and CyberStream software with new AWS packet access services helps contain costs and achieve better efficiencies in mitigating novel security threats as enterprises move applications to the cloud.

As the threat surface expands, the solution uses packet data and powerful cyber analytics to get to the root cause of cybersecurity issues quickly.

NETSCOUT has collaborated with AWS on packet access solutions by introducing multiple innovative ways to access packet traffic for cybersecurity and end-user experience use cases. This includes the recently announced Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB), which provides practical, affordable, and scalable access to packet traffic for security and performance management.

Using GWLB, customers can direct traffic from any Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to CyberStream and Cyber Investigator without leaving the cloud. The new Smart Perimeter Protection solution seamlessly integrates with AWS.

“NETSCOUT is committed to providing the most cost-effective and consistent visibility and control regardless of where an application runs,” said Paul Barrett, CTO, Enterprise, NETSCOUT.

“NCI and CyberStream extend security forensics capabilities into the cloud, unlike any other solution. Armed with NETSCOUT’s smart data, security, and IT operations teams benefit from a shared perspective and a cost-effective solution that scales to the needs of the cloud.”

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