Proact Hybrid updates offer customers flexibility in moving data between different platforms

Proact launches new updates to its flexible managed cloud service, Proact Hybrid, ideally suited for organizations that seek the benefits of an integrated cloud platform but still need to adhere to strict requirements on data sovereignty and data location.

As digitalisation accelerates, customers are looking to use more flexible cloud solutions to better enable innovation, accelerate growth and drive value through data. But these opportunities also come with new types of challenges and threats involving data security, data sovereignty, data location and data accessibility.

Proact’s updated hybrid cloud platform enables customers to easily integrate on-premise IT-infrastructure with local managed cloud services as well as with public cloud services from Amazon Web Services and Azure, while still ensuring data sovereignty and data location.

“We have updated the Proact Hybrid Cloud platform to offer customers even greater flexibility in moving data between different platforms depending on their current needs – while still keeping control of their data.

“Proact’s attention to security and local presence means that customers can maintain control over their data, workloads and security policies, just as they are used to expect from on-premise IT operations,” says Per Sedihn, CTO and VP Portfolio & Technology, Proact IT Group AB.

The new Proact Hybrid Cloud release is based on an updated technology platform which offers the latest virtual networking technology and an enhanced self-service portal which facilitates workload management and provisioning resources such as applications, containers, virtual machines, and storage areas.

Proact Hybrid Cloud is available now with service delivery from Proact data centres in Sweden, Denmark, UK, the Netherlands and Germany. It is a fully managed service which includes 24/7 monitoring and support.

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