IPinfo Privacy Detection API: Detecting methods used to mask a user’s true IP address

IPinfo announced the availability of its Privacy Detection API. This API detects various methods used to mask a user’s true IP address, including VPN detection, proxy detection, tor usage, or a connection via a hosting provider, which could potentially be used to tunnel traffic and mask the true IP address.

IPinfo performs custom full internet-wide scans to detect almost 10 million active VPNs. This is combined with data on public SOCKS and HTTP proxies, tor exit nodes, and its own IP usage type classification to determine which IP ranges belong to hosting providers. The data is updated daily, so the results are always fresh.

“With the shift to remote work, VPN detection is a top priority for security teams as companies and employees work at multiple locations and IP addresses,” said Ben Dowling, Founder & CEO, IPinfo. “When attackers mask the true IP address, we’re able to show the correct IP data to help prevent against malicious attacks.”

IPinfo’s APIs are trusted by industry leaders all across the world. IPinfo’s Privacy Detection API can be used for the following:

  • Filter malicious traffic by blocking bots and spammers
  • Enforce content access restrictions by detecting VPNs
  • Prevent web scraping by blocking proxies and requests from servers
  • Fight fraud by flagging users who are masking their identity

“As an MDR provider, it’s essential that our SOC-as-a-service capabilities include fast and accurate VPN identification, especially as threat actors continue to mask where they originated from while also attempting to blend into normal traffic seen in large enterprises,” said Peter Silberman, Chief Technology Officer at Expel.

“IPinfo’s Privacy Detection API is a key piece of technology we use at Expel to better protect our customers.”

For nearly a decade, IPinfo has been a comprehensive IP address data and API provider with flexible pricing plans to meet any business needs. The company handles billions of API requests per month. It serves different IP data types like IP to geolocation, IP to carrier, IP to Company, VPN & Proxy detection, etc. More than 100,000+ companies trust IPinfo’s data.

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