QuoLab releases reporting capability allowing users to generate reports that deliver actionable intelligence

QuoLab Technologies is introducing a new reporting capability. The feature allows users to generate meaningful, tailored reports that deliver actionable intelligence related to incidents, attacks, threat actors and more to customers and clients.

These reports provide target audiences with the complete tactical and strategic information they need to contextualize, respond, and defend themselves in a holistic manner. This update is welcomed by operational and technical teams that need to convey complex, critical information to leadership or stakeholders in an easily digestible manner.

Although essential to security operations, standard security appliances (e.g., SIEMs, EDRs, IDS, Firewalls, etc.) tend to produce high volumes of data that do not translate to concise, digestible reports for leadership and executive teams.

QuoLab’s new reporting feature empowers users to share important data with key decision makers and clients rapidly, bringing teams together to mitigate today’s cyber atrophy problem.

The reporting functionality includes key features such as:

  • An abstract summary with easy-to-digest wording
  • Report tags that are assigned to industries, sectors, and other verticals automatically and used to identify important features from within the QuoLab platform
  • Significant technical details from artifacts, such as executables, and marked IP addresses of interest
  • Special classification that allows the reporting tool to provide a disclaimer when shared information is sensitive as well as the level of sensitivity
  • Embedded graphics from QuoLab’s Link Analysis and other tools to convey complex data points
  • White labeled reporting with user’s organizational logo and other pertinent information
  • Export capability with company branding to allow for quick dissemination to key stakeholders

“Many of today’s security operations platforms have the ability to investigate and export certain files, but they lack the ability to package meaningful findings in an easily reportable fashion for key decision makers and stakeholders,” said Dan Young, CEO of QuoLab Technologies.

“QuoLab is leading the charge in creating meaningful and actionable reporting from within the platform. The addition of this feature boosts collaboration between teams and organizations.”

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