Port53 launches SOC-as-a-Service, offering 24/7 monitoring, detection, and response

Port53 Technologies announced the launch of their new SOC-as-a-Service, offering 24/7 monitoring, detection, and response. As organizations face advanced security challenges amidst an ongoing pandemic and accelerated adoption of cloud computing, it is becoming essential to deploy a good security operations center.

However, building a next-generation SOC can be too complex, expensive, and inaccessible for small and mid-sized businesses and enterprises.

Port53 harnesses the power of Cisco SecureX to provide a completely unique SOC-as-a-Service offering for the SMB and SME market. Until now, 24/7 security event monitoring and response services at the MDR level have been unavailable to smaller organizations.

Port53 recognized a gap in the market and created a service that allows SMB’s to access the enterprise-grade, full life cycle protections that Fortune 500 companies employ at a fraction of the market price.

According to Bill Parmelee, Vice President of Services at Port53, “Our focus on the Cisco security ecosystem, and extensive application of automation and integration across platforms, allow us to efficiently respond to and neutralize threat activity within our clients’ environments.”

Small and mid-sized businesses did not previously have the means to detect and respond to cyber threats at scale or cost-effectively and were limited to the traditional MSSP model, which doesn’t cover the entire lifecycle of an event. The MDR model, which typically requires companies to pay for 7-9 dedicated analysts, has been completely redesigned by Port53.

By equipping their SMB clients with Cisco security controls, Port53’s seasoned leadership and cybersecurity experts have a deep understanding of their security environments and controls. This creates operational efficiencies and enables Port53 to offer SOC-as-a-Service in an affordable way.

The lack of 24/7 monitoring places organizations at a huge disadvantage should an attack occur. A business needs to be able to respond to an attack within 20 minutes or be subject to significant risk. The SLA’s for SOC-as-a-Service are at par, or better, than those offered with MDR services in the enterprise space.

Port53 is empowering these organizations to be in full control of their security event response and lifecycle, leaving struggles with cloud adoption, a remote workforce, and budget constraints behind.

No other solution provider has taken steps this large to protect the businesses that have suffered the most during the pandemic. Port53 believes the SMB/SME segment should have access to enterprise-grade solutions that Fortune 500 companies implement at an affordable price.

“By continuing to leverage the power and elasticity of the cloud, and by leaning heavily on automation and orchestration to improve capabilities and performance while simultaneously lowering operational costs, we are now able to provide 24/7 monitoring of our customers’ ever-evolving threat landscape, with enterprise-level commitments around detecting, triaging, and responding to such threats,” explains Omar Zarabi, President and CEO of Port53.

“As Cisco has continued to move their security solutions to being cloud-delivered, and by giving us a platform like SecureX to integrate those solutions and create a SOC service like this, we are giving our mutual customers a fighting chance against today’s increasingly motivated cyber threat actors.

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