Very Good Security appoints Paul Machle as Chief Financial Officer

Very Good Security (VGS) announced the hire of Paul Machle as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The finance veteran joins VGS on the heels of a monumental year for the company as it secured $60 million in new funding and more than doubled its customer base.

VGS’ Zero Data approach to security and compliance eliminates organizations’ need to store sensitive information within their own systems. The company serves as a custodian for any type of sensitive data (payments, PII, health records, and more), replacing it with synthetic data that can be used in place of the original values. This reduces customers’ liability while expediting compliance certifications like PCI, SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR.

“I’ve always been passionate about working with category-defining companies that offer a unique approach to solve long-standing challenges,” said Paul Machle, CFO at VGS.

“VGS’ compliance platform helps companies transform what used to be a cost center into an opportunity for top-line growth. Customers can build their business instead of overhead. It’s exciting to become part of the team democratizing access to best-in-class data security and compliance for companies of all sizes.”

Throughout his career, Machle has played an integral role in strategically building and scaling industry-leading companies. Under his leadership at Gitlab, ARR grew from $600 thousand to over $150 million.

Prior to Gitlab, Machle drove the successful business expansion of Freeborders Inc. while also managing the company’s mergers and acquisitions. Machle has also held senior financial positions with Exigen Group, Kanisa Inc., Sybase, and Ernst & Young.

“We are delighted to bring Paul on board,” said Mahmoud Abdelkader, CEO and co-founder of VGS. “Paul’s strategic mindset and experience scaling hyper-growth organizations are ideally suited to the next phase of VGS’ growth. I’m excited to partner with Paul as we expand our Zero Data™ mission globally.”

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