My Office Apps Kechie 2021 ERP: Enabling quick access to business-critical information in real time

My Office Apps announced the availability of Kechie 2021 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, a cloud-based solution, enabling quick access to business-critical information in real time.

The company has raised the Software as a Service (SaaS) bar by delivering innovative features to make small-to-medium sized manufacturing, distribution, and non-profit operations more productive and competitive, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

With over thirty years of business solutions, Kechie is a proven leader in business transformation software with the use of one or more of its software packages – inventory and warehouse management (which includes CRM, sales, procurement, and logistics), manufacturing, finance – or a fully configured ERP system to include all the available modules.

New advanced features

  • Purchase requisition – View all company purchase requests/requisitions and setup an approval process to approve the request. Once approved, you can simply convert the request to a purchase order.
  • Return to vendor – Manage and track all returns to vendors. Return items to vendors and distributors easily for repair, replacement, or credit through the new RTV Module.
  • Shop floor calendar – Organize and prioritize job orders in the work center with Kechie Shop Floor Calendar. Specify work days and holidays, define work shifts, and allocate labor resources for any given day.
  • Customizable and configurable report formats – Kechie now offers customizable reports that can be saved, based on the user’s preferred format.
  • Customer portal – Customers can now setup a B2B web portal for their customers to enable online ordering and fulfillment information. The portal provides for a specified product listing and enables inventory availability in real-time.
  • Quick sales orders – Enter multiple line items and bulk orders, even faster with the new listview format.
  • Catch weight function – Provides ability to order and invoice using two or more units of measure (such as quantity and weight).

Mariam Komeili, MOA co-founder and CEO commented, “My Office Apps understands the challenges our customers have had in 2020. It is our mission to help turn those challenges into opportunities. Creating new features in a collaboration with our customers ensures they use our system in the most optimal way to maximize their growth potential.

“We pride ourselves as being flexible and responsive to their needs in a way that greatly surpasses other ERP suppliers. The age of cloud technology is now and in 2021, we will continue on our commitment to help small to medium sized-companies reap the benefits of the cloud with our Kechie Software. Our goal is to provide our customers the pathway for more efficiency and ultimately more profitability.”

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