Absolute’s customers can now self-heal critical apps to secure their distributed workforces

Absolute Software announced customers can now autonomously self-heal more of the critical applications they rely on to secure remote access and communication for their distributed workforces.

Using Absolute’s Application Persistence service, IT and security administrators can help ensure the Netskope Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway (NG-SWG) – in addition to more than 40 other leading endpoint security agents and productivity tools – remain installed, healthy, and undeletable.

The ongoing global COVID-19 outbreak has unearthed the dire need for organizations to find effective, scalable solutions capable of supporting remote and hybrid work environments for the long term.

The percentage of workers around the world permanently working from home is expected to double in 2021, according to a survey from Enterprise Technology Research (ETR).

Guidance from industry experts emphasizes that in order to support larger populations of work-from-home employees effectively, “security teams must have the right technology in place to avoid poor performance and ensure secure access.”

Anchored by its firmware-embedded Persistence capabilities residing in more than 500 million endpoints, Absolute provides an undeletable digital tether to every device to help ensure the highest levels of resiliency.

Absolute’s Application Persistence service leverages this unbreakable, two-way connection to monitor mission-critical security applications’ health and behavior, identify if missing or corrupted, and automatically repair or reinstall components when necessary – without requiring human intervention.

“It’s critical for organizations to preserve secure cloud access to critical applications, systems, and data,” said Billy Bond, VP of Business Development and Alliances at Netskope.

“We’re pleased to support Absolute Software, whose Persistence and Resilience capabilities make it easy for customers to monitor and self-heal popular Netskope offerings such as CASB and NG-SWG.”

“With the future of work and school still in flux, organizations realize the need for security solutions that can help them maintain agility and resiliency regardless of whether they are operating in-person or remotely, or transitioning back and forth,” said Ameer Karim, EVP of Product Management at Absolute.

“By extending our self-healing capabilities to the applications our customers rely on to enable secure access to corporate applications and systems like Netskope, we are equipping them to both strengthen endpoint security and minimize the burden on already-stretched IT and Security teams.”

To enable remote workers to securely access corporate networks and systems, Absolute Resilience customers can now also monitor and self-heal the Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect security platform, in addition to several previously announced virtual private network (VPN) tools: Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, F5 BIG-IP Edge Client, and Pulse Connect Secure.

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