Stealthbits Data Privacy Engine: Speeding data analysis, compliance and governance reporting

Stealthbits unveiled its new Data Privacy Engine that connects user identities with the locations of their personal data to elevate data access governance. This enables organizations worldwide to deal with Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) efficiently and effectively, mitigating the risk of substantive fines under worldwide privacy laws.

“Privacy legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), demands fast and efficient response to DSARs,” said Adam Rosen, vice president, product strategy, Stealthbits.

“Our new Data Privacy Engine is the first solution to proactively understand how data is connected to identities, enabling near-instantaneous answers to DSARs. This means our customers can address both data security and data privacy simultaneously, which we believe are two sides of the same coin.”

Now available, the new Data Privacy Engine works with the company’s StealthAUDIT reporting and governance solution to dramatically streamline and speed data analysis and governance reporting.

A different approach: Look beyond the data

Stealthbits takes a multi-layered approach that looks beyond the data layer to examine all the different ways data can be accessed, including via Active Directory, elevated privileges, the data resource itself or a combination of permissions and misconfigurations.

By automatically examining data, directory and system layers of hybrid IT infrastructures, organizations can rapidly detect and remove hidden vulnerabilities while ensuring appropriate access governance.

“Some data access governance solutions focus only on the data itself, leaving open ‘backdoor access’ to potential threats,” said Fran Howarth, practice leader, Security, Bloor Research. “Stealthbits’ approach, however, also accounts for risks from elevated credentials that can be exploited to access governed data by other means.”

This multi-layered approach is crucial to determining whether an organization has taken all the necessary steps to protect their data, credentials and systems adequately. All it takes for someone to take advantage of a security incident is some lateral movement and standing privileges.

According to a study published last week by Netwrix, more than half of organizations that store customer data in the cloud had security incidents in 2020. Stealthbits adds an extra safeguard to reduce the reach and severity of security incidents while preventing minor exposures from becoming serious data breaches.

Stealthbits’ solutions ensure compliance with data privacy regulations by reducing security risk exposure levels through pre-discovery of data subjects across all repositories—structured, unstructured, on-premises or in the cloud.

Stealthbits then takes an identity-centric view into this subject data, identifying which files and tables relate to certain people to provide appropriate context and drive better decisions about data access, recovery and other actions.

The new version of StealthAUDIT with the Data Privacy Engine add-on is available from Stealthbits as well as its partners and resellers.

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