Aradatum launches self-powered macro cell tower to support 5G, edge and telecom

Aradatum introduced the world’s first truly self-powered macro cell tower that can be placed literally anywhere. Aradatum is a technology company that dares to go where others don’t.

Taking a unique approach to modernizing telecom infrastructure, the start-up’s self-powered towers give wireless pioneers and mobile and virtual network operators (MNOs/MVNOs) access to previously unreached and strategic locations needed to optimize their advanced applications of 5G, fixed wireless access (FWA), Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), neutral host, private networks, and edge computing.

Aradatum is the culmination of 11 years of product development, headed by a team of individuals across varying backgrounds with a foundation in wireless connectivity and power technologies.

Formed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company dedicated itself to bringing communications infrastructure to areas that lack connectivity and to open up the benefits of living, working, and playing in a connected world to everyone.

“Our brand is focused in two specific areas,” said Larry Leete, President of Aradatum, “Our first focus is bringing communications and connectivity to areas that don’t have access to broadband, especially in those environments that are off the traditional path in more rural and suburban areas.”

Today, 157 million people in the U.S. do not use the internet at broadband speeds, while 45 million people don’t have access to broadband at all.

Leete continued, “Our second area of focus is supporting and enhancing the next generation of applications that will drive digital transformation.”

Unlocking the full potential of the applications that will advance these technologies will require innovative infrastructure that can solve the geographic and power challenges that have limited the reach of wireless networks to date.

While telecommunications are wireless, most macro towers still operate on a power cable. Aradatum’s towers remove the need to run new power lines and frees its towers to go places others can’t.

Powered by clean, renewable energy with energy storage, Aradatum’s tower design is an environmentally responsible way to meet the growing demand for connectivity and for MNOs and MVNOs to attain targeted and specific renewable energy goals.

With multiple scalable energy sources, the tower system can handle the MNO’s cell site energy needs to provide 99.999% network uptime.

“Our towers completely redefine where a cell tower can go and how they’re powered. Energy is the highest of all operating expenses for telecom businesses today,” said Paul Schneider, VP of Marketing and Business Development.

“As more and more MNOs and MVNOs are looking towards ‘green power’, we designed our self-powered macro-towers to meet this need. We’re excited to help deploy next-generation connectivity to every inch of the earth.”

Aradatum empowers MNOs, MVNOs, and tech companies to cross previously impenetrable barriers to bring next-generation applications to everyone, including game changing technologies like self-driving vehicles, robotic surgery, AI, Robotics, M2M, Machine Learning, AR/VR, e-sports, Big Data, IoT, holography, and edge colocation.


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