Port53 unveils platform that empowers cybersecurity pros to shape their orgs’ threat postures at will

Port53 Technologies announced the launch of a platform that will empower cybersecurity professionals to shape their organizations’ threat postures at will.

The online store, featuring solutions from Port53 partners Cisco and OneLogin, aims to further Port53’s commitment to empowering small and mid-sized enterprises to secure their digital estates against an ever-burgeoning threat landscape.

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, organizations that used cloud-based solutions like Cisco Umbrella, Cisco AMP for Endpoints, Cisco Meraki, Cisco Email Security, Duo Security, and Cisco Stealthwatch found it significantly easier to move quickly to remote-working models than enterprises that were using legacy, on-premises solutions.

“Technology solutions live increasingly in the cloud,” said Omar Zarabi, CEO and Founder of Port53. “Ease of deployment and implementation has led not only to a surge in acceptance in the new model but also to shifts in the way organizations procure digital assets.”

Port53’s new platform allows IT and cybersecurity professionals to tailor procurement cycles to suit their own budgetary and operational requirements. They can engage with Port53 advisors through a range of channels, wherever and whenever they wish.

The move by Port53 is in alignment with a five-year trend in the industry away from vendor and sales driven procurement cycles. The platform will allow customers to explore a range of solutions and evaluate their efficacy at a single point of engagement.

“Our new engagement platform brings a data-driven approach to the cybersecurity implementation lifecycle and delivers it right into the hands of IT professionals and line of business,” said Zarabi.

“These professionals – CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, and other stakeholders – know their business best; so, we thought it was time to put them in the driving seat and empower them to design the threat posture that makes sense to them.”

By evaluating security products in their environments, customers will get the opportunity to establish proven value before they commit budget to a solution, leading to more efficiency in the procurement process, greater ROI, and enhanced satisfaction levels.

“Cybersecurity is all about confidence,” Zarabi added. “Confidence to innovate and elevate your competitiveness while being assured of a secure perimeter. Organizations that try before they buy are bound to be more confident in the end implementation.

“Meanwhile, Port53 can gather valuable insights that allow us further to improve our products, services and procurement cycle, and protect technology infrastructures from the cloud to the endpoint.”

When evaluations lead to a purchase, organizations receive access to a personalized customer portal that allows Port53 to gain further valuable insights into user environments.

Zarabi said: “The customer portal is a vital tool for our team of experts to understand every niche and feature of our clients’ environments. Such data allows us to address gaps proactively and enhance our recommendations in the future.”

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