Baffle supports adaptive data security controls for Amazon Redshift

Baffle announced that its Data Protection Services (DPS) supports data de-identification, dynamic data masking and adaptive data security controls for Amazon Redshift.

Baffle DPS is the only solution that provides seamless integration with AWS Database Migration Services, AWS Glue, AWS S3 and Redshift without any code changes to provide end-to-end protection of the modern data pipeline.

Without any performance impact on the user experience, more than tens of thousands of Redshift customers can now leverage Baffle’s transparent data security mesh to secure every step of the data pipeline as source data is migrated to Redshift and used for data analytics.

Baffle DPS seamlessly de-identifies data as it is migrated to the Redshift environment, and offers a selective re-identification for authorized users while enabling a customer-owned BYOK or HYOK model. This allows companies to gain the full value and insights from sensitive data in the cloud for business operations while ensuring industry and regulatory compliance.

“Data is the new oil and the heart of innovation. As companies collect, move and analyze more data, they open themselves to further risk,” said Ameesh Divatia, co-founder and CEO, Baffle.

“Baffle instantly protects data at every stage of the data pipeline to multiple cloud storage, staging and analytics platforms. By adding Baffle’s transparent data protection layer, enterprises keep pace with the diversity of cloud data models while deriving value out of their data.”

Baffle’s support for Redshift along with a broad range of other Amazon Web Services is another example of its commitment to expanding its cloud data protection strategy, allowing customers to maintain the high level of data security and privacy they need to stay competitive.

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