Seclore integrates with Microsoft Teams to ensure automatic protection of sensitive data

Seclore announced seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. Organizations with a remote workforce that rely on Microsoft Teams for a centralized workplace for collaboration, can add best-in-class Encryption and Rights Management to ensure automatic protection of sensitive data shared and accessed from Microsoft Teams.

Seclore for Microsoft 365 offering allows organizations to automatically add persistent, granular usage controls to sensitive documents worked on in Microsoft Teams channels. All documents within a Teams workspace are automatically protected.

Users can open a protected document in Microsoft Teams directly to their desktop applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., and then make edits and save back the document to Microsoft Teams. This seamless user experience allows organizations to add security to sensitive documents without impacting productivity or collaboration.

“Today, the corporate office is no longer surrounded by four walls, making collaboration through Microsoft Teams the lifeblood of business, but also an Achilles heel,” said Vishal Gupta, CEO of Seclore.

“The rapid acceleration of work-from-home due to outside forces makes security and control over sensitive and regulatory data, traveling outside the corporate perimeter, more important now than ever before.”

Key features include:

  • Automatic data protection of sensitive documents when uploaded to Microsoft Teams channels
  • Leveraging Policy Federation to extend security policies defined in Microsoft 365 to downloaded documents from Microsoft Teams
  • Shared and downloaded documents from Microsoft Teams travel with persistent, granular access and usage controls, wherever they travel
  • One-click user file access in desktop applications when using an installed agent
  • Seamless agentless access of protected documents shared from Microsoft Teams on any browser
  • Automatically modifying or revoking access on a protected document when permissions are changed in Microsoft Teams via Policy Federation, even after it’s downloaded or shared

“The exponential growth of Microsoft 365 is driven by employees interfacing and collaborating with colleagues, partners, and vendors in Microsoft Teams, making protection of sensitive data being shared critical,” said Abhijit Tannu.

“Extending Seclore’s data-centric protection to documents in Microsoft Teams solves the security challenge of safely collaborating, regardless of location or device being used.”

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