Download: The Phisher’s Playbook

The constant increase in phishing attacks and the damage they cause make all of us anxious, especially since they’re becoming harder to detect. To protect yourself from phishing, you must understand how phishers operate, what motivates them, and which tricks they tend to use.

phishers playbook

Leveraging their offensive cyber background, BitDam founders know how attackers think and therefore succeed in blocking them. In this playbook, they share some of the bad guys’ secrets and help you get into the phisher’s mind.

Read The Phisher’s Playbook to gain a perspective of how phishers plan their scams and how you can protect from them. The Playbook covers:

  • Who are the phishers and what are their goals
  • How phishers select their prey
  • The tricks they use to build trust
  • Why details mean so much
  • Phishers’ interruptions and how to overcome them
  • Cashing out

This playbook is no longer available.

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