IRONSCALES further improves ability to detect advanced and highly targeted phishing attacks

IRONSCALES announced new platform features as part of its new release to further improve the company’s ability to detect advanced and highly targeted phishing attacks, especially those focused on credential harvesting and account takeover.

In addition, IRONSCALES unveiled improvements to its phishing awareness training module with the addition of a “one-click campaign” feature offering a more seamless process for security teams to test employees’ individual phishing awareness via targeted simulations.

“IRONSCALES’ enhanced threat detection capabilities come at a time when account takeover and credential harvesting are becoming increasingly common spear-phishing techniques deployed by attackers,” said Eyal Benishti, IRONSCALES founder and CEO.

“A flexible email security solution that adapts to the changing threat landscape is imperative for businesses of all sizes and this update provides unmatched protection for our customers.”

Following today’s news, Themis, IRONSCALES’ AI-driven virtual security analyst, can now automatically classify phishing attacks as varying types of scams, such as BEC payment, suspected VIP impersonation, suspected malicious payload, or financial frauds, and report that information to its back-end unified email security platform.

This will allow security teams to better understand the type of phishing threats that are trending and notify employees across the organization on what types of messages may be malicious whether they are sent via malware, ransomware, account takeover, credential theft, business email compromise (BEC), polymorphic or zero-day attacks.

“One-click campaigns” simplify phishing awareness training

IRONSCALES’ phishing simulation and awareness training is now easier than ever for security teams to launch campaigns with auto-generated content.

New features include a “one-click-campaign” allowing security teams to quickly launch optimal campaigns and better segmentation of users, with presets from the whole company to those untrained in the last three months to high-risk individuals and more.

IRONSCALES customers report notable improvements in employee-reported suspicious emails around financial and credential harvesting through more frequent ad-hoc phishing awareness campaigns, which are now easier to execute than ever.

Not only does advanced training improve overall security posture, it also means security analysts will spend less time evaluating potential phishing attacks, chasing down false positives and other security concerns.

“We continue to lead with a product-focused approach, ensuring our releases add features and functionality for our existing customers, while also ensuring we stay ahead of the industry with our protection. Today’s release is number 35, showcasing our strong commitment to continued innovation,” says Benishti.

IRONSCALES helps where email security hurts the most, in the inbox, with advanced threat protection followed by a post-message delivery, detection and remediation.

Through a self-learning platform that provides for fast, easy and seamless collaboration, IRONSCALES puts its customers on offense, empowering them to protect against sophisticated email attack techniques automatically in a proactive and predictive manner.

Using a democratized approach to threat hunting, IRONSCALES makes anti-phishing effortless and seamless for both security professionals and end users.

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