Reply and Deutsche Telekom launch Access 4.0, taking over many classic operations support systems

With the launch of the Access 4.0 (A4) platform, developed in collaboration with Reply, Deutsche Telekom is breaking new ground in the construction and provision of networks. The goal of the joint project is to replace conventional hard-wire systems with highly automated and microservice-based technologies.

While traditional based Network Technology requires months to be deployed, Software and IT are faster and they can be rolled-out almost instantly and globally.

With the disaggregation and virtualisation of access networks based on cloud-native architectures and open source code, Deutsche Telekom is introducing a cost-efficient, easy-to-operate and scalable platform.

Access 4.0 provides more flexibility and guarantees a shortened time-to-market through a faster roll-out of services such as broadband Internet and 5G to customers.

Reply, chosen as co-development partner, supported Deutsche Telekom in this transformation from a traditional telecommunication into a cloud-based provider.

The Access 4.0 platform takes over many classic operations support systems functions thanks to software-defined networking. With this concept, automation is driven forward, even lean processes can be implemented easily.

Disaggregation allows to independently select the best hardware and software for any tasks, it is more flexible and open than traditional systems.

Walter Goldenits, CTO Telekom Deutschland explains: “Deutsche Telekom is reaching an important milestone in its transformation into a software-based telecommunications provider,” adding, “We are thus consistently shaping the path taken by the industry toward solutions based on open and disaggregated components in the fixed network area as well.”

“The telecommunications industry is currently undergoing fundamental change. The separation of hardware and software is the key to more scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency in the control, management and operation of networks.

“We are pleased to share this vision using a combination of innovative microservices with agile and devops culture, together with Deutsche Telekom,” comments Filippo Rizzante, CTO Reply.

In addition to the co-development, Reply offers to support Deutsche Telekom in the development of a global productisation strategy for the A4 platform.

This would involve working closely with other carriers to understand their respective needs as well as engaging strongly within the open source community.

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