Group-IB MSSP and MDR program allows partners to integrate THF and DFIR services into their offerings

Group-IB unveiled its global MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) and MDR (Managed Detection and Response) program that allows partners to integrate Group-IB Threat Hunting Framework (THF) and Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) services, recognized by Gartner, into their offerings.

Group-IB THF, tried and tested by the world’s biggest banks and enterprises, is an all-in-one solution to identify and attribute cyber criminals, detect, hunt and respond to threats. It now becomes available for MSSPs that are looking to strengthen their portfolio with ultimate detection and response capabilities as well as for those who only consider joining MDR market.

The new Group-IB MSSP & MDR program offers easy integration, flexible “pay as you grow” model, and significantly reduced integration costs.

MSSP multitool

Powered by data from Group-IB Threat Intelligence and Attribution, Group-IB Threat Hunting Framework is the first-ever platform for protection and remediation of threats to both IT and OT segments, which enables partners to target mid-size companies and large enterprises.

THF has been developed by the engineers with hands-on experience in fighting hi-tech crime for over 17 years. MSSP and MDRs who join the program get access to a single multi-tenant solution that detects all known and unknown threats and targeted attacks, hunts for threats both within and outside the protected organization’s perimeter and responds to them.

THF helps MSSP partners to reduce the detection time to few minutes and offers collaborative research with best industry experts.

Group-IB THF allows to fully detonate the discovered payloads in a safe isolated environment while extracting all related IOCs and artifacts for threat hunting activities.

The solution covers all infection vectors from email and hosts to supply chain attacks and allows partners to manage their customers and solutions through a single convenient interface.

All-in-on architecture helps significantly reduce integration costs. Threat Hunting Framework has been recognized as one of the leaders in Network Detection and Response by the European analyst agency KuppingerCole Analysts AG.

“With our MSSP and MDR program we don’t just provide our partners with the technology: we’ll be at their side from the moment they sign the agreement, during monitoring and response cases as well as customer success activities to ensure they are constantly showing the value to their clients”, says Nicholas Palmer, head of Global Business Development at Group-IB.

“Our MSSP and MDR partners get ongoing support, special training from top threat hunters, and pre- and post-sales and marketing assistance. We help our partners to grow their own threat hunting team and develop mature SOC practice.”

In addition to Group-IB THF, MSSP partners can boost their capabilities with expert services such as Group-IB DFIR (Digital Forensics and Incident Response), and Digital Risk Protection, honored with an Innovation & Excellence award from Frost & Sullivan, all from one provider.

Fit for all

Group-IB developed customized offerings to accommodate partners at different stages of MSSP/MDR journey. The program suits well for market freshers looking to develop a service from scratch and enter a new class of MDR market with a new type of solution providing a full kit for detection, threat hunting and response.

Mature MDR providers can upgrade their technology stack with Group-IB service offerings to become local incident response provider and stand out from the competition. The partners can significantly reduce both initial remote and onsite incident response time with Group-IB’s recognized DFIR experts.

Strong MSSPs players can also enrich their offering with Group-IB’s Digital Risk Protection solution that helps inhibit external digital risks to intellectual property and brands.

Flexible pay as you grow model facilitates agility in offering convenient pricing to end customers. Postpaid quarterly payments are fixed in the partnership agreement and allow to minimize CAPEX investment.

Group-IB has already onboarded dozens of partners across Europe and Asia to its MSSP & MDR program immediately following their launch just a short 45 days prior.

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