CloudLinux KernelCare now supports Raspberry Pi, improving security for IoT deployments

CloudLinux announced that its KernelCare service now supports the Raspberry Pi platform providing live patching for the running kernel with zero downtime — improving security for IoT deployments.

KernelCare for Raspberry Pi is a free service ensuring that IoT devices and assemblies are automatically updated and always available.

This provides IoT projects with improved protection against newly discovered vulnerabilities as they are fixed, rather than being easy targets for hackers.

“Security has always been a challenge with IoT implementations because of the many connected devices that have very small computing resources,” said Jim Jackson, president and chief revenue officer of CloudLinux.

“With the KernelCare service, devices are automatically patched with the latest security updates and experience no downtime — exactly what is needed for IoT deployments.”

KernelCare for Raspberry Pi supports Ubuntu Focal Fossa for 64-bit ARM platform, and will soon support Debian and Raspbian. The currently supported chips are the BCM2711 (Pi 4) and BCM2837 (Pi 3 and later models of the Pi 2).

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