Sentropy Protect helps tackle online hate and harassment from abusive Twitter accounts

Sentropy announced its first consumer product – and third product overall – Sentropy Protect, which enables Twitter users to proactively identify and protect themselves from abusive Twitter accounts.

Built upon its world-class abuse detection technology, Sentropy Protect is the company’s newest product that helps tackle online hate and harassment.

Twitter is becoming a vital newssource and a megaphone for voices to be heard, yet bad actors and abusive content continues to get in the way.

In fact, 41% of Americans and 73% of female journalists have personally experienced some form of online abuse and harassment. With Sentropy Protect, all tweets directed at users, replies to tweets, and direct messages are automatically reviewed.

The technology will then pre-moderate the Twitter feed, removing abusive content so the user doesn’t have to see it.

“Online harassment and abuse is an issue that will only continue to grow as our digital and physical selves converge,” said John Redgrave, co-founder and CEO of Sentropy.

“We built Sentropy Protect because we know how harmful digital communities can get. So we’re giving individuals the power and ability to take control, and weed out the abusive content they see every single day.”

Sentropy Protect makes it easy to keep track of abusive users and the tweets they send. Each of their tweets are labeled with the type of abuse it exhibits (i.e. threat of physical violence, sexual aggression, identity attacks, etc.).

Sentropy Protect users can also configure additional settings to suit their needs:

  • Users can choose to either automatically block or mute abusive users, or decide on a case by case basis and make a manual selection each time.
  • If certain words are being used to attack the user, they can add them to the Filtered Words list, and Sentropy Protect will incorporate them into an algorithm to help determine if a user is being abusive.
  • The Trusted Users tab serves as a safeguard for those that the user trusts. Once a person is added to this list, their content will not be moderated.

Sentropy Protect – unlike other solutions on the market that use account information as a proxy to find spam or bot accounts – uses enterprise-grade machine learning technology and actual user behavior in order to identify abuse more effectively than other solutions.

Sentropy Protect’s technology is constantly evolving with language on the internet to identify new forms of abuse that have yet to be seen, allowing Twitter users to stay one step ahead of the abuse directed at them.

“As someone with experience building online communities, I know firsthand that users want safe platforms free of hate and harassment,” said Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Initialized Capital.

“While many platforms still have a long way to go in terms of protecting their users, Sentropy Protect is an incredible tool that empowers the individual to take control of their own safety.

“Their technology is world class and I look forward to implementing the product on my own Twitter account and encouraging my loved ones to do the same.”

Last summer, the company unveiled its flagship product, Sentropy Detect, which provides API access to its abuse detection technologies, as well as its second product, Sentropy Defend, a browser-based interface that enables end-to-end moderation workflows.

Sentropy’s products help to detect harmful content and defend digital communities against it.

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