Cyber Underground General Intelligence Requirements Handbook

The Cyber Underground General Intelligence Requirements Handbook (CU-GIRH) is a baseline tool to assist in organizing, prioritizing, producing and measuring production of cyber underground intelligence.

cyber underground handbook

Central to this handbook are General Intelligence Requirements (GIRs) — a compilation of frequently asked questions applicable to the cyber underground (i.e., illicit forums, instant messaging channels, marketplaces, products, services and adversaries).

Each GIR includes a definition and the essential elements of information (EEIs) needed to answer the basic questions who, what, when, where, why and how.

How is it used?

The CU-GIRH can be used in a variety of ways. An analyst or researcher can use this as a quick reference for spotting ad-hoc collection opportunities in the underground. An intelligence planner or manager can use this to support the development of intelligence requirements and to measure the intel team’s value to its stakeholders and organization.

This handbook is no longer available.

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