uCloudlink partners with Cello to accelerate global expansion plans in North America

uCloudlink is accelerating its global expansion plans with the addition of new business partners in North America. uCloudlink has recently established a partnership with Cello in a move that sets the foundation for its future growth in the region.

A leading source of mobile data services and international cell phone services for travelers in the U.S. and Canada, Cello provides a range of voice and data solutions ranging from wireless hotspot rental and smartphone rental to international SIM cards.

Cello has purchased uCloudlink’s GlocalMe devices and corresponding data services package to resell to its corporate and individual users.

The partnership comes following a significant period of growth for uCloudlink’s GlocalMe brand in the United States.

Despite the impacts of COVID-19, GlocalMe saw traffic double for its local e-Commerce website in the past six months, and the number of American-based monthly registered users in its APP reached a new high in the final quarter of 2020.

As more people work and study remotely, the demand for reliable, portable network connectivity is stronger than ever before.

GlocalMe devices and data packages offer full-frequency support with a stable network, flexible data plans and high-speed connections supported by uCloudlink’s Cloud SIM technology and platform — elevating users’ experience to enjoy wider coverage and a stable connection anywhere at any time.

Powered by its innovative PaaS and SaaS platform, uCloudlink’s Cloud SIM technology delivers superior connectivity by integrating the relevant resources of various data service suppliers and business partners worldwide; then intelligently allocating them to end-users to elevate users’ experience.

Through its asset-light model, multiple partnership arrangements, and easy-to-scale business ecosystem, uCloudlink provides partners with a multitude of benefits, ranging from superior service for end-users, the extension of offerings or new business development and additional revenue streams.

With a foothold in Japan, US, Europe and other countries and regions, uCloudlink has already established itself as the leader in mobile data traffic sharing around the world.

The new cooperation with Cello is another step in uCloudlink’s global expansion plans, as it seeks to enable more users around the world to connect and share without limitations.

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