A10 Networks helps customers manage today’s highly complex cyberattacks

Enterprises and service providers have faced unprecedented challenges in the last year with the global pandemic and the wide-scale shift to work-from-home requirements, an increasing level of sophisticated cyber-attacks, the rollout of 5G networks, and massive adoption of IoT.

Accelerated digital transformation and dependency on digital services has become a catalyst for greater focus and spending on application and network security.

A10 Networks has seen a dramatic increase in customer needs as they navigate this rapidly changing landscape.

The acceleration of the use of IoT devices, gaming and streaming services; faster adoption of software, cloud and XaaS technologies to help organizations manage remote work and school; and 5G had become a reality, enabling more and higher-capacity connections from millions of devices all requiring protection of this expanded attack surface from highly complex cyberattacks.

Service providers and many other organizations are aggressively expanding and securing infrastructure to deal with the demands and safeguard against threats to ensure reliable service and business-critical subscriber growth.

Examples of sophisticated attacks, such as the high-profile SolarWinds hack affecting many businesses and government organizations, and the resurgent growth of DDoS attacks illustrate how digital services are frequent targets.

Fortifying the security posture has never been more critical to avoid loss of customers and revenue. As noted in A10’s most recent State of DDoS Weapons report, the size of the threat is daunting for organizations. The company tracked 12.5 million DDoS weapons in just the last half of 2020, with an approximately 12 percent increase in each reporting period (2018-2020).

As a global phenomenon, A10 has seen the largest communications service providers (CSPs) expand their services, taking advantage of new opportunities with government and enterprises, along with regional providers addressing the critical need for high-speed broadband to rural communities.

Securing customers’ infrastructures against emerging security threats

New customer-oriented product solutions are emerging and are helping to drive recent customer wins:

  • For a fast-growing gaming customer, A10’s DDoS protection solution is mitigating the threat of in-line attacks, thereby allowing its gaming users to reliably access the services.
  • A European telecom provider is building a DDoS cloud scrubbing center, with A10’s DDoS protection solution, to offer mitigation services for its enterprise customers.
  • A service provider customer was expanding its 5G rollout, and in spite of COVID restrictions, A10 was able to respond quicky and deliver a virtualized solution to help it address growing internet traffic.

These positive customer outcomes are a result of the company’s focus on driving innovation to address rapidly emerging cybersecurity threats and provide flexible consumption models that drive software-centric and recurring revenue growth.

“Organizations that provide critical digital infrastructure for consumers and businesses rely on A10 to ensure uninterrupted service and reliability.

“Our solution innovation that addresses the rapidly changing market needs along with recent design wins based on providing continuous security expertise on an ongoing basis enable our customers to achieve their business objectives while navigating a changing landscape,” said Dhrupad Trivedi, President, CEO and Board Chair, A10 Networks.

Customers select A10 Networks for protection against cybersecurity threats because of the ease of deployment, automation for effective operations, integration with existing infrastructure and the highest protection against cyber-attacks.

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