Achronix Semiconductor and Logic Fruit provide T and M IP solutions for Speedster7t FPGA devices

Achronix Semiconductor and Logic Fruit announced a partnership to provide optimized T and M IP solutions for the Speedster7t FPGA devices.

T and M applications require the highest performance I/O capabilities for next-generation systems. Speedster7t FPGAs include 112G SerDes, which are the highest performance I/O interfaces for FPGAs available today and are an ideal platform for T and M system development.

Achronix partner, Logic Fruit, has industry knowledge and FPGA development expertise to accelerate T&M customers’ development of leading-edge equipment based upon Achronix FPGA technology.

The AC7t1500 is the lead device in the Speedster7t family and supports 112G SerDes and includes a 2D network on chip (NoC) which supports the latest T&M solution requirements.

The Speedster7t architectures enables fast data streaming interfaces with its embedded, hard subsystem blocks supporting up to 32 lanes of 112G transceivers (with a raw mode for direct access to transceiver data), 8 banks of high-performance GDDR6 memory interfaces, PCIe Gen5 and 400G Ethernet.

All of these interfaces, FPGA logic and DSP blocks are connected via the 2D NoC which simplifies design implementation and timing closure while delivering up to 20 Tbps of bandwidth.

“Achronix is excited that our partnership with Logic Fruit helps our customers with accelerated T&M application development using Speedster7t FPGAs,” said Steve Mensor, VP of Sales and Marketing at Achronix.

“We believe Logic Fruits’ extensive portfolio of test and measurement IP along with strong FPGA development expertise will help our joint customers achieve the highest performance for their systems using Speedster7t FPGAs.”

“When looking at next-generation test and measurement system requirements, we believe that Achronix Speedster7t FPGAs are an ideal development platform due to their high-performance I/O and support for the latest generation interfaces,” said Sanjeev Kumar, CEO & Co-founder of Logic Fruit.

“We are delighted to partner with Achronix as it will allow us to accelerate our customers’ time to market further and deploy the innovative Speedster7t FPGA family for superior performance.”

Logic Fruit not only has application expertise in developing packet parsing and analytic engines for high-speed protocol testers, but also interfaces to ultra-high-speed ADCs/DACs for oscilloscopes, AWG, BERT and digitizers using FPGAs.

They have deep expertise in the T&M domain and have served customers on projects that include latest generation protocols testers such as PCIe Gen5, 100G Ethernet, USB4.0 and eCPRI/ORAN implemented on FPGAs.

With a portfolio of over 50 IP blocks, a team with 200+ engineers, and the superior architecture of the Achronix Speedster7t FPGA, Logic Fruit can rapidly develop and deploy best-in-class, customer-defined T and M solutions.

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