Secure-IC and MosChip extend technologies and services to ASICs and Indian market

Secure-IC and MosChip Technologies announce their strategic partnership to provide turnkey ASIC solutions, expand Secure-IC’s global presence to India and support the company growth in the country.

Secure-IC’s solutions are embedded in hundreds of millions of products such as smartphones, laptops and computers, automotive chipsets, smart grids, passports, for the best technology companies worldwide.

The company has been pioneering the embedded cybersecurity space for many years through more than 200+ scientific publications, over 40 families of international patents and multiple security standard editions.

Being global and staying close to customers has been part of Secure-IC’s DNA since its creation. That is why the company already has a strong global presence with subsidiaries in Singapore, Japan and the United States and local representatives around the world.

MosChip was the first fabless semiconductor company out of India and developed many connectivity based products that were fabricated at leading foundries and shipped in millions of units.

Leveraging its IP portfolio of silicon proven SerDes, PLLs and Data converters, MosChip provides complete turn-key mixed signal and edge device ASIC solutions with flexible engagement models from RTL to volume production.

MosChip also has experience and know-how in, system engineering, embedded systems and IoT engineering. The company has sector expertise in applications ranging from aerospace and defense, to consumer electronics, networking and industrial.

All the market surveys point to customers would pay more & buy more edge devices if security was better. Embedded Security is key to unlocking demand for edge devices. Secure-IC’s silicon proven and certification compliant security IP solutions can be seamlessly integrated with MosChip’s robust ASIC design methodology from RTL to Silicon to provide first time right silicon for edge devices.

“On-device embedded security is quickly gaining momentum for edge applications,” said Venkata Simhadri, MD/ CEO of MosChip. “Partnership with Secure-IC, a global provider of embedded security IP, enables us to provide custom silicon solutions for secure edge devices.”

Hassan Triqui, co-founder and CEO at Secure-IC explains “Through this partnership with Moschip, we are extending our technologies and services to ASICs and Indian market.

As we share with MosChip a deep commitment to provide our customers with the best technologies and services, we are honored to have the opportunity to work closely with such an experienced and competent company that has a great footprint in India and globally.”

Both companies will be glad to present their new partnership on MosChip’s booth during the 34th International Conference on VLSI Design and the 20th International Conference on Embedded Systems (VLSID) virtual event that is scheduled on Feb 22-24th, 2021.

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