uCloudlink elevates NewCore Wireless’ users data connectivity experience

uCLOUDLINK is fast-tracking its business expansion in North America with the support of its burgeoning local sales partnerships.

uCloudlink is continuing to strengthen its partnership with NewCore Wireless whilst simultaneously seeking new cooperation opportunities in different regions across the country.

uCloudlink and NewCore Wireless’ cooperation came into effect in October 2020, and will see NewCore Wireless import, market and distribute uCloudlink’s mobile broadband (MBB) devices in the US.

The establishment of the partnership despite a slowdown in travel during COVID-19 is a testament to the widespread applications of uCloudlink’s products and services, and an example of the uCloudlink’s cost-effective way of global expansion.

Using its patented Cloud SIM technology, uCloudlink elevates NewCore Wireless’ users data connectivity experience both at home and abroad.

With more people working, studying, and spending leisure time at home, the internet has become an essential part of daily life. In turn, demand for access to reliable and high-quality network connectivity has increased, and the importance of mobile data traffic has become increasingly prominent.

User requires access to steady and superior mobile data connectivity services domestically and cross-border travel.

As the world’s leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, uCloudlink’s Cloud SIM technology enables end users to freely and flexibly use mobile data services provided by different service operators without being restricted by geography and carriers’ roaming agreements.

The devices with Cloud SIM technology can detect users’ location of network coverage which is then transmitted to uCloudlink’s PaaS and SaaS platform. The platform then analyzes the relevant data and network coverage status and instantly utilizes the best suitable resource, in order to provide users with stable, high-quality mobile connection services.

uCloudlink’s PaaS and SaaS platform can also allow business partners to manage SIM cards and data traffic to optimize network connectivity and utilization efficiency.

The company offers a number of cooperation models for its local partners in the U.S., such as value-added services for travel-related organizations and distribution of its GlocalMe products and services and other innovative products and services for enterprise users.

To date, uCloudlink’s data connectivity service has been expanded worldwide, including North America, Europe, Japan and China.

Through strategic collaborations with local partners in various countries and regions, uCloudlink can quickly and seamlessly establish a strong local network in its PaaS and SaaS ecosystem — enabling the company to rapidly and sustainably expand its presence across the globe.

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