Corsair M360 HENOTIC API management platform delivers capabilities for digital integration

Corsair M360 announced its HENOTIC API management platform. HENOTIC is engineered to deliver next-generation capabilities to companies tackling the digital integration challenges among clouds, applications, data, and infrastructure.

HENOTIC’s three core components, API Gateway, Middleware, and Control Panel, work together to build, manage, rapidly deploy, and operate APIs and microservices across IT environments.

HENOTIC uniquely supports multi-cloud, multi-tenancy, portability, and micro-services with an out-of-the-box approach for high ROI. It meets the evolving needs of IT organizations with increasingly complex integration challenges.

A recent report from Gartner, Inc. stated that API programs cannot run effectively without full life cycle API management.

API management software represents the third-fastest growing segment of the application infrastructure and middleware market. Gartner forecasts continued double-digit growth over the next five years.

HENOTIC is poised to capitalize on this growth and achieve a leadership position in this critical IT market segment.

Corsair is also pleased to announce funding from Convergence Ventures, LP III (“Convergence”), a Houston, Texas-based venture capital company focused on digital transformation.

“Convergence seeks to invest in novel machine learning-based business solutions and technologies which facilitate them,” said Harry Bushong, Managing Director, Convergence Ventures. “Central to supporting the rapid growth in digitization and ‘big data’ is the need for digital integration.

“Corsair’s innovation in digital integration was instrumental in its being chosen as the fund’s first investment.”

“To remain competitive, organizations need to adapt and innovate constantly. Optimizing integration in today’s digital world requires IT organizations to manage their portfolio of APIs strategically.

“HENOTIC delivers the strategic capabilities necessary for successful digital integration and transformation,” commented Rick Valdez, Corsair’s Founder, President, and CEO.

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