Elastic Stack alerting framework gives users the power to build notifications

Elastic announced a new way for users to create, manage and monitor alerts and notifications across the Elastic Stack and external systems with a generally available alerting framework in Kibana.

Built from the ground up after years of collaboration with customers using Elasticsearch to power mission-critical monitoring scenarios, the new alerting framework stems from a core belief that alerting itself is fundamental for all businesses.

Whether maintaining a website, ensuring an application is responsive or protecting company devices from a cyberattack, the need to know immediately when something has changed is paramount.

Powered by the speed and scale of Elasticsearch and deeply integrated into the Elastic solutions, the new alerting framework gives users the power and flexibility to build notifications that drive awareness and action.

The alerting framework in Kibana integrates with popular third-party platforms, including PagerDuty, Jira, ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams, enabling customers to spot, react to and resolve issues in real time.

Elastic announced the beta of the new alerting framework in Elastic 7.7 and with its general availability launch in Elastic 7.11 the alerting framework in Kibana is now the default alerting capability for the Elastic Stack.

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