Unbound Security CORE enables enterprises to reimagine cryptographic infrastructure security

Unbound Security unveiled Unbound Security CORE (Cryptographic Orchestration Reimagined for Enterprise), a new all-encompassing platform that enables businesses to manage all cryptographic keys from multiple environments in one single place.

Unbound Security CORE is a key orchestration platform that delivers business agility by virtualizing enterprise cryptographic infrastructure.

The platform has been designed from the ground up to ensure organizations meet the highest level of security for all critical business information, identity management, and financial transactions.

It uses unique cryptographic innovation to remove vulnerable hardware dependencies, reduce risk, increase control and create new opportunities for digital innovation.

“CORE enables enterprises to reimagine cryptographic infrastructure security and is the realization of our unique approach to key management and cryptographic infrastructure,” stated Prof. Yehuda Lindell, CEO, Unbound Security.

“Key management security solutions today are siloed and fragmented, and this impedes business growth and needs. Enterprises need an agile, inclusive approach to key management, a platform that will virtualize different hardware and software solutions and provide a unified management system.”

Unbound Security CORE includes Unbound’s software-enabled key store that leverages multiparty computation (MPC) and is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified to empower legacy security systems, while delivering forward-compatible support and acceleration for new applications, solutions, and services.

CORE creates a virtual mesh of an enterprise’s key management and protection devices, wherever they are – in any data center and any cloud, both for management and consumption of cryptographic services.

It also provides a unified approach to key storage, enabling organizations to universally enjoy Unbound’s unique features, while maintaining the freedom to choose the key store that best suits their needs and policies.

“CORE addresses the security and management challenges of enterprises, with a focus on high usability,” Lindell continued. “And it does so while eliminating the single point of failure in existing systems and while adding new layers of protection in key-misuse prevention.”

Unbound Security partner BRD also hailed the news.

“CORE is the next step in our joint journey with Unbound to provide a seamless flow between asset security and management services,” Brent Traidman, senior vice president of global sales for BRD, stated.

“In making their services a modular platform, Unbound Security has made itself more available to any business looking to implement new services into their portfolio – especially services with a fast go-to-market, such as the digital assets space.”

“Unbound and BRD offer an out of the box integration using BRD’s Blockset data platform to accelerate the digital asset strategy for our mutual clients,” Traidman continued. “We look forward to seeing how this new modularity will improve the benefits we can offer our clients.”

Unbound CORE is available for enterprises looking to advance their key management capabilities, and to secure their information identity and crypto assets.

CORE can be deployed on premise, on any cloud, across multiple clouds, and in hybrid environments. CORE also eases issues with vendor lock-in for cloud applications and key management systems.

The launch coincides with the company’s rebrand which sees the company shift its name from Unbound Technology to Unbound Security, reinforcing the core role that cryptography plays in security for enterprises today.

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