AMS partners with Revature enabling organizations to compete in the future of work

AMS (formerly Alexander Mann Solutions) announces a strategic partnership with Revature. The new alliance enables clients to address the technology skills shortage by expanding the skills of new and existing talent, enabling organizations to better compete in the future of work.

At a time when accelerated change has become the norm, creating a workforce built for change requires a sharper focus on counting skills instead of headcount, and the joint AMS and Revature solution equips organisations to make this shift.

Technical skills are an absolute necessity that drives every business, yet digital skillsets are changing rapidly, making it increasingly difficult for organizations to keep up with the people they already have or to source new talent from the market.

The SIA Staffing Trends 2021 report confirms this need, citing both the scarcity of experienced hires compared to demand and the “growing scrutiny and societal pressure on organisations to address workers’ long-term employability” as key factors.

Relying on hiring experienced tech talent can no longer support the need — skilling options must become integrated in the overall technology hiring landscape.

Together, AMS and Revature address the critical need of upskilling existing talent within organizations to close crucial skills gaps and retain talent through opportunities for internal mobility.

This partnership goes one step further through a unique approach that also identifies early career talent and grows technology capabilities on-the-job, as a critical part of a complete talent acquisition strategy — cultivating the next generation of technology experts suited for each organisation’s specific needs.

Combined, these two tactics provide a strategic alternative to competing for and “buying” expensive experienced digital talent while creating opportunities that lead to a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

“Digital skills are the most rapidly shifting in today’s workplace, and the ability to keep pace has a tremendous impact on business performance. AMS has long been recognised as a pioneer in the talent acquisition space and we pride ourselves on partnering with clients to power their people strategies, especially amidst constant change.

“But we also recognise that future workforces will need to continuously reskill and upskill their talent, and our work with Revature will accelerate our ability to provide a holistic approach as we address the tech skills deficit.

“We are delighted to partner with an organisation that believes in and supports our goal to help clients achieve true workforce dexterity,” said David Leigh, CEO of AMS.

“Revature is excited to partner with AMS in our efforts to provide best in class entry level software engineering talent and workforce transformation capabilities to the world’s industry leaders and their technology organisations.

“Our ability to grow and nourish our clients’ future workforce is unparalleled. The single biggest challenge facing firms that are transforming digitally is to both attract outstanding talent and to skill and upskill their existing workforces consistent with their strategic objectives.

“AMS and Revature answer this challenge with a truly unique partnership that leverages each firm’s strengths and global reach. Our goal is to be the strategic talent partner of choice for every company that believes in human capital and its ability to power technology organizations in their pursuit of competitive superiority,” said Ashwin Barath, CEO and Founder of Revature.

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