Bridgepointe Technologies adds PacketFabric to its supplier portfolio

PacketFabric announced a strategic partnership with Bridgepointe Technologies. With the addition of PacketFabric to its supplier portfolio, Bridgepointe will be able to offer customers new ways of designing and delivering networks and cloud connectivity that will speed time to market, lower TCO, and improve overall network performance.

“Bridgepointe is a leading advisor for enterprise IT strategy, and we’re excited to be working with their team to translate those strategies into reliable, secure execution for our joint customers,” said Dave Ward, PacketFabric CEO.

“PacketFabric provides secure, private connectivity for colocation, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud solutions, and we offer transparent, flexible pricing options with all of the benefits of a highly-engineered MPLS network. This checks all of the boxes for Bridgepointe customers who are leaning into digital transformation.”

Since 2002, Bridgepointe has offered true freedom of choice to its clients from SMEs to the Fortune 500.

“PacketFabric’s solutions are a welcomed addition to our portfolio,” said Brian Miller, Co-Founder, Bridgepointe Technologies. “Our customers rely on us to help them quickly and cost-effectively achieve optimal IT results, and PacketFabric’s track record of faster time to market and proven TCO will deliver significant value to them.”

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