Effectual Managed DevOps Platform optimized for AWS Cloud

Effectual launched a Managed DevOps Platform optimized for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Built with a security first approach and designed to meet industry compliance standards, the platform integrates automated testing, secure coding guardrails, monitoring, and task management.

“Successful DevOps depends on the right mix of processes, technology, culture, and risk mitigation in an organization’s software assembly line,” said Al Sadowski, Effectual SVP Product Management.

“One of our key platform design principles was to ensure that security and compliance are baked into every phase of the DevOps lifecycle.

“We also support customers from initial set up to monthly coaching and ongoing platform management so they can sustain DevOps culture and continuous application modernization.”

Effectual’s Managed DevOps Platform supports widely used programming languages and deploys Infrastructure as Code to speed cloud provisioning and application deployment in AWS EC2, container, or serverless environments.

The flexibility of the platform allows for a highly customized CI/CD toolchain to meet the precise needs of any application.

“Enterprises are adopting cloud with specific business outcomes in mind but often lack the resources and skills to address them,” William Fellows, Founder and VP Research, 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence.

“‘Going faster’ to cloud will require third-party expertise as the deficit in engineering and DevOps skills to build, operate and secure cloud environments becomes the biggest cause of migration delays. Securing and automating testing by design during the entire software lifecycle will become an imperative.”

Optimized to take advantage of the AWS Cloud, the platform addresses the governance, security, and compliance risks many commercial enterprises and public sector agencies face as they seek to scale a consistent DevOps practice across their organization.

Benefits of Effectual’s Managed DevOps Platform:

  • Optimized for AWS Cloud
  • Integrates with most task management software
  • Accelerated release of new software features
  • Reduced defects and the cost of rework
  • Automated security and improved reliability
  • Simplified compliance
  • Enhanced collaboration between developers and operations
  • Automated infrastructure and software release processes at scale
  • Automated infrastructure and software release processes at scale

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