Dashlane Password Changer 2.0 and machine learning engine now available

Dashlane announced the relaunch of Password Changer and unveiled a new autofill engine powered by machine learning. Dashlane is the only password management solution on the market with a one-click Password Changer for all accounts, and now has the distinction of providing the fastest and most accurate autofill in the industry.

The new Password Changer and machine learning engine are now available in beta across Dashlane’s browser extension, iOS, and Android apps, with general availability to follow later this year.

Weak, stolen, or reused passwords are the #1 cause of data breaches and hacks. This is why it’s essential for people and businesses to have a different password for every account—ensuring if one is breached other accounts remain secure.

Yet research shows that password reuse is real; a recent Verizon study revealed nearly 70% of people admitted to reusing passwords.

Password Changer seamlessly logs users into compatible websites, generates strong, unique passwords, then changes the passwords for those sites on the user’s behalf in one-click.

Now, Password Changer has been rebuilt from the ground up to improve its reliability and website coverage. Every website has its own flows to log in or reset a password, and these change quickly and without notice.

The new Password Changer inherently follows these flows, autofilling common blockers like captchas and two-factor authentication codes for a fast, simple, and secure user experience.

True to Dashlane’s zero-knowledge promise, all passwords are changed locally on every device, ensuring data is secure, private, and accessible only to the user.

These foundational innovations will also help increase the product’s long-term potential for people and businesses alike—from changing passwords when an employee leaves an organization to revoking a friend’s access to a Netflix account.

Moving to machine learning

The power behind Dashlane and Password Changer has always been invisible to users. The company’s proprietary semantic engine offers the most accurate page analysis on the market, enabling Dashlane to autofill and login across every website universally.

By bolstering this technology with machine learning, Dashlane has achieved a weighted F-Score of 92%, a gold standard for accuracy, across English, French, and German websites. These successes follow the company’s move to a web-first experience—alongside support for iOS and Android apps.

Outperforming desktop apps on autofill and user experience, on average the extension recognizes online forms in 15 milliseconds, far faster than the 100ms threshold for an interaction to feel instantaneous.

“We’ve always known that to meaningfully impact the security of our customers and enhance their experience online, our autofill experience needed to be faster, more reliable, and more convenient than typing memorized passwords or other insecure, convenience-based habits,” said Derek Snyder, Chief Product Officer at Dashlane.

“Powering Dashlane with machine learning and completely refactoring Password Changer are significant steps toward our goal of helping all individuals and businesses avoid the pain of managing access.

“We look forward to hearing feedback on the beta as we continue to enhance the best-in-class autofill, category-leading capabilities, and great experience our users have come to expect.”

Dashlane’s Password Changer and new autofill machine learning engine are now available in beta with approximately 100 domains, including popular social media, streaming, shopping, and news sites.

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