Medallia CIO insights dashboard captures employee sentiment around IT departments

Medallia announced that its CIO insights dashboard is enabling companies to effectively measure employee satisfaction levels with their IT departments and the value of IT service delivery at the individual and department level.

“CIOs and IT professionals are looking to add immediate value to their organizations by improving the employee experience with IT, enhancing the performance of IT services and systems and enabling teams across organizations to be more productive, and, ultimately, happier on the job,” said Milind Wagle CIO at Equinix.

“This CIO dashboard from Medallia allows our organization to make real-time decisions to improve in all of these key areas, based on insights we’re able to uncover in the moment.”

Built on Medallia’s platform, the solution empowers CIOs to directly connect timely employee feedback with IT services delivery improvements, make the right trade-offs between day-to-day IT support operations and the most pressing strategic business priorities and transform IT into a modern forward-leaning organization.

With this solution, CIOs gain detailed reporting on how IT is performing against key business objectives in real time so they can:

  • Create targeted, prioritized plans to address key IT metrics, like optimized spend
  • Increase ticket resolution efficiencies by introducing system automation
  • Improve overall employee satisfaction by ensuring fast, self service resolution of most common tasks

“In the era of hyper digital transformation, the days of reactive IT operational metrics are over.

“By democratizing, listening to, and acting on feedback from all employees in a deliberate, thoughtful way, IT organizations can provide delightful employee experiences and become better strategic partners to the business thus driving and accelerating revenue growth,” said Ashwin Ballal, EVP and chief information officer at Medallia.

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