CyberGRX Auto Validation allows users to gain immediate insight into validation results

CyberGRX announced the introduction of in-platform Auto Validation, a new feature that speeds up the assessment process while providing greater transparency into the CyberGRX assessment methodology.

Available to both third parties and customers, Auto Validation will enable third parties to respond faster and more accurately to assessment requests, while providing customers with quicker and greater insight into the results.

CyberGRX assessments collect third-party responses as structured data which enables the platform to run analytics, like Auto Validation, across the data so users can identify and prioritize results and make informed decisions.

Auto Validation automatically analyzes assessment responses for inconsistencies and contradictions as the third party completes the assessment, so they can adjust their responses and respond faster and more accurately.

For third parties, this feature helps them better understand the assessment and improve the accuracy of their answers, which results in higher quality assessment data. Once the assessment is completed, Auto Validation provides customers with in-platform visibility into inconsistencies or conflicting responses in a third party’s assessment.

For customers, this feature provides a better understanding of the assessment data and allows them to derive logical insights to make better business decisions.

“Auto Validation is the latest example of how CyberGRX’s standardized and structured data approach provides users with more risk reducing insight and value,” said Fred Kneip, CEO of CyberGRX.

“There is a lot of distrust and frustration with the current approaches to TPCRM, and this feature provides enhanced transparency to our users about our processes and methodologies.

“Not only do users get the value of the data itself, but they also receive supporting information providing the understanding necessary to trust what we provide, which is absolutely paramount in this industry.”

Giving third parties the ability to improve the accuracy of their assessment by helping them understand how their responses reflect their security posture, and enabling them to correct mistakes before sharing their assessment is critical to our data driven approach.

Additionally, giving third parties the ability to review contradictions in their answers speeds up the CyberGRX Assessment Life Cycle, resulting in faster assessment delivery times and more accurate data for customers, as third parties are able to adjust and correct their assessment while in progress.

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