Action1 RMM system allows MSPs and IT departments to take control of remote workforces

Action1 announced the release of its new RMM system. Building upon the success of its proven endpoint management platform, Action1 allows MSPs and IT departments to take full control over patch management, software deployment, IT asset inventory, reporting, and remote access.

The new system enables multiple IT employees to have different roles at each managed organizational entity and adds easy-to-use workflows based on endpoint groups and approval rules – all to automate and decrease costs of supporting and securing the ever-growing remote workforces.

Action1 RMM features:

  • Security patching: approval-based deployment, flexible reboot options, automatic deployment of critical updates after certain number of days since release; OS and 3rd party patches.
  • Roles-based access control with multiple users per organization – at no charge per user.
  • Endpoint groups with manual and automatic discovery of endpoints.
  • Management policies based on endpoint groups and patching priorities.
  • Desired system configuration, software whitelisting policies, remote desktop access.
  • Simple deployment that works in different types of IT environments.
  • Free of charge for organizations with 50 endpoints or less and a guarantee that Action1 will not sell any customer data. Not free trial bait and no feature limitations.

“The continued success of our platform with skyrocketing new user signups allowed Action1 to invest heavily into the development of this new system,” said Mike Walters, President of Action1.

“The continued feedback stream and working together with our customers in the past two years allowed us to properly prioritize and deliver what is truly in high demand by larger MSPs and IT departments, while allowing to offer it at absolutely no cost to smaller organizations.”

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