Astadia acquires Anubex to offer a complete mainframe migration RoadMap

In today’s environment, many organizations have a “Cloud First” strategy for deploying business applications. Since most of the important business applications reside on mainframes, moving these applications and databases to any Cloud platform requires expert skills and technology.

The combination of Astadia’s Replatforming solutions, plus the Anubex Refactoring capabilities, offer a complete mainframe migration RoadMap.

Astadia now offers all solution sets required to migrate from any IBM Z Series, or Unisys ClearPath platform, to the Cloud platform of their choosing.

“This is an exciting time to be in the Mainframe Migration business. The rapidly shrinking pool of people with mainframe software and hardware skills has given a new sense of urgency to IT buyers.

“The shortage of these critical skills is exacerbated by the COVID-19 Pandemic,” said Scott G. Silk, Chairman and CEO of Astadia.

“With this wave of Cloud computing, organizations are rapidly moving their applications and databases from mainframes.

“The Cloud enables incredible software innovation and developer productivity, access to AI and Predictive Analytics, while only charging the client for the resources they consume,” said Mr. Silk.

“Combining the forces of Astadia and Anubex leads to a unique combination of sales and delivery power with an exceptional portfolio of solutions for the migration market.

“This team is ready to accompany the largest organizations on their journey to the Cloud and becomes an important player in the top tier of mainframe migration companies,” said Louis Heymans, Managing Director of Anubex.

The acquisition of Anubex by Astadia allows the Anubex R&D team to continue to focus on extending their portfolio of products (CodeTurn, DataTurn, TestMatch and DataMatch) to automate refactoring and testing of legacy systems.

The development of these products started well over 20 years ago, and today includes legacy technologies such as Assembler, COBOL, IDMS and Natural ADABAS that can be migrated to, among others, Java or C# in combination with all the leading SQL-databases – with the resulting applications ready for deployment in the (public) Cloud.

These solutions using a Cloud-based “Migration Factory” model will be available to Astadia partners and clients worldwide.

This series covers IBM and UNISYS mainframes, and all popular target Cloud Platforms.

In these Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration Guides, readers will explore 20 pages of:

  • Why migrate mainframe applications & databases to the Cloud?
  • The challenges associated with mainframe modernization
  • Detailed diagrams of mainframe software mappings to Cloud Platforms
  • Programming languages & database translation tables
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