Group-IB joins Cyberveilig Nederland to increase cyber resilience in the Netherlands

Group-IB has become a member of the Dutch Cyberveilig Nederland in a bid to boost the digital resilience of the Netherlands and increase the quality and transparency of the country’s cybersecurity sector.

By joining Cyberveilig Nederland, Group-IB strives to become an active contributor to the local cybersecurity community by sharing strategic and tactical knowledge about adversaries, gathered by Group-IB analysts worldwide, supporting research into local threat landscape and education projects to foster a young generation of the country’s future cybercrime fighters.

As part of its membership in the Cyberveilig Nederland, Group-IB will be contributing to three working groups: research and education, public affairs, and quality and transparency.

The Netherlands has one of the highest broadband coverage rates in the world with over 97% of the population having internet access, which puts the country at the leading edge of European digitalization.

In these realms, cyber resilience becomes essential for people and organizations. In line with this, Group-IB and Cyberveilig Nederland will work together on awareness-raising activities to render transparency to organizations with regard to cybersecurity risks that they are challenged by and the solutions that are best suited for the prevention of cyberattacks.

Knowledge about cyber adversaries is another pillar for sustainable digitalization. Dutch leading banks were amongst the first in Europe to leverage Group-IB’s threat intelligence and attribution technologies offering unique data on threats and attackers relevant for a particular organization.

Within the framework of the working group on research and education Group-IB will leverage its approach tried and tested in Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific to grooming gifted youngsters with the aim of bridging the gap between their theoretical knowledge and the needs of the cybersecurity market.

Group-IB’s team of cybersecurity experts and engineers, who have been confronting cybercrime on a daily basis for the past 18 years, will help local university students to keep up with the most relevant cyber trends and to become familiar with local threats.

It’s an essential part of Group-IB’s strategy to provide students with access to its hunting technologies so that they can have a feel of real-life incidents and get authentic experience in identifying threats.

The public affairs working group fits with Group-IB continuous efforts to set up regular data sharing mechanisms with international law enforcement and cyber police units in the countries of the company’s presence with the ultimate goal of disrupting cybercrime.

By becoming an active member of the Cyberveilig Nederland, Group-IB now has yet another channel for supplying cyber threat intelligence data on threat actors endangering Europeans to rule-of-law institutions, in addition to the company’s ongoing cooperation with Europol’s EC3, located in the Hague.

“Establishing our European HQ in Amsterdam, Group-IB proclaimed data and expertise sharing as one of its priorities,” Sergey Lupanin, the Chief Operating Officer, Group-IB European HQ.

“Group-IB believes that the partnership with Cyberveilig Nederland is an important move toward establishing a cyber aware environment in the Netherlands.

“By making the complex cybersecurity field more transparent to a wider audience, we’re forming the basis for the cyber sustainability and resilience of the Netherlands.”

“Within Cyberveilig Nederland information sharing is currently a very important topic. We look forward to cooperating with Group IB to contribute to this goal and help grow the cyber resilience within the Netherlands,” Petra Oldengarm, Director of Cyberveilig NL.

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