Neustar Unified Identity: Transforming customer data management

Neustar announced the launch of Neustar Unified Identity, end-to-end identity management solution that enables resolution of offline to online identifiers by responsibly connecting people, location, and device data.

The new solution powered by Neustar’s unrivaled identity graph platform, OneID, transforms data management to enable better data-driven decision making and outcomes for brands by supporting data onboarding, linking, enrichment, and validation.

According to a recent study by Forrester Consulting that evaluated how brands are adjusting their customer data strategies in the face of shifts in the marketing landscape, brands “struggle to meet the moment with comprehensive, identity-based strategies that would let them simultaneously tackle issues of privacy management, data governance, and marketing management.”

Neustar Unified Identity enables brands to develop identity-based, privacy-forward approaches that improve omnichannel customer data quality, management, and governance across marketing, analytics, and technology use cases.

“Our goal with Unified Identity is to bring simplicity and order back to customer data management helping our clients to better manage data between departments and partners using a single, unassailable source of truth,” said Michael Schoen, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Marketing Solutions at Neustar.

“Data chaos kills organizational efficiencies, strategic clarity, and ultimately business growth. Unified Identity is the high-value currency that provides brands the privacy-centric data quality they need, while eliminating the data fragmentation and organizational pains many brands struggle with.”

Unified Identity is a core offering part of Fabrick, Neustar’s next generation Customer Identity Platform. It provides the identity data, machine-learning, and cross-channel linkages brands need to power advanced CRM data hygiene and enrichment, onboarding, omnichannel media planning, and audience targeting use cases.

Unified Identity connects and augments online and offline data via a single next-generation identity infrastructure that has built in linkages across the marketing technology, data science, and CRM-technology worlds.

“For more than five years, Neustar has provided Allstate a solid foundation of identity-based solutions allowing us to better control and improve business performance,” said David Schroeder, Digital Marketing Solutions, Allstate.

“We rely on Neustar for anonymized household-level measurement and analytics, offline data enrichment, digital audience syndication to our demand side platforms and the ability to control household impression frequency. We appreciate the continued partnership.”

Unified Identity also integrates with Neustar’s Unified Analytics, powering predictive analytics at the user-level across all channels including linear and connected-TV and walled garden ecosystems.

This enables brands to make critical, on-the-fly optimizations to their marketing mix, campaign tactics, and audience targets to maximize return on ad spend.

According to a 2021 Forrester Total Economic Impact Study commissioned by Neustar, “After using Neustar, companies and executives had a single source of truth instead of conflicting numbers and reports. The analysis and advice provided by Neustar centralized and unified the data among the brand, agencies, and corporate marketing team.”

According to a marketing effectiveness manager at a multi-national automaker, “Our online budget has been reduced by about 250 million dollars, and we’re getting more out of it now than we ever had.”

Built to be platform agnostic, Unified Identity is a powerful addition to existing brand and agency marketing and analytics stacks including customer data platforms (CDPs) such as Treasure Data, as well as data and cloud services like PreciseTarget and data sharing platform, Snowflake Data Marketplace.

“Whether it’s for upsell, customer acquisition, or retention, identity drives consistent and relevant customer experiences,” said Rob Parrish, Vice President of Product at Treasure Data.

“Treasure Data is excited to incorporate Neustar Unified Identity into our customer data platform to help solve the challenge of identity resolution across an increasingly complex world of customer behaviors online and offline.”

“Our partnership with Neustar will add a new dimension to our data’s precision and effectiveness and will offer the retail and apparel industry much-needed assistance to capture lost revenue from the disruption of the past two quarters,” said Rob McGovern, Founder and CEO at PreciseTarget.

“Neustar is one of the most respected companies in the industry: their data and identity resolution are known for their accuracy, and their strict standards on data privacy are second to none.”

“Neustar is solving some of the biggest customer data challenges marketers face today by unifying the offline and online data worlds in a single identity infrastructure,” said Vince Trotta, Head of Snowflake Data Marketplace at Snowflake.

“Snowflake Data Marketplace makes it easy to unify data from multiple sources on Snowflake’s single, integrated platform. We’re excited to have Neustar provide joint customers with cutting-edge data and identity capabilities.”

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